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Thursday, August 15, 2013

2nd day Livorno, Italy

You would think you can see everything in one short day in Livorno!
I think not! You have Florence & Pisa, beautiful Tuscany.  Trust me you can not do it all in one day.
From where the ship ports you need to take a bus to the train station, take the train which takes 1 hr to get to Florence.  Once your in Florence you want to explore Italy's most atmospheric cities, steeped in history, striking building, Michelangelo's "David and treasure-crammed churches.
So you have to decide where you want to go first and make sure you have time to do the traveling and getting back to the ship before it sails with or without you.

We were so sad, that we were not able to visit Pisa the famous Leaning Tower and stroll the enchanting medieval hillside towns in Tuscany.
We definitely have to go back and do it all again, next time no cruise ship.

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