Hi everyone! I wanted to post this on my blog to let beautiful women know that she forgets what she's worth. I am offering my nail art service to those in the area. I have to trust GOD to supply according to HIS riches.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inspirational Nails

So I was inspired by the top I was wearing.  Although my nails are very short, it look pretty!

My Bouyfriend by Sinful Colors

So I came back with beautiful color and since that was not enough I went to Walgreen and pick up a few Sinful Colors.
This one is My Bouyfriend, a beautiful purple bluish color.
And if that was not enough, three nails broke from my model hand and to from my dominate hand.

So this is what my nails look like now
 I have never had nails this short before.  It seems like I've been biting them

Kiko Haul

Kiko cosmetic is a brand that is sold in Europe, I've been wanting some Kiko polishes but although I went to their site they do not ship to USA.
But this was my chance to buy kiko nail polish.  I bought three in Napoli and the rest in Venice, Italty

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last port final destination Venice, Italty

Although, it was a 9 day cruise it felt less because the first day is counted as day one in Barcelona, Spain and before getting to Dubrovnick, Croatia you spent a day at sea although its counted as a day and debarkation in Venice, Italy.
You lose a day just flying to Spain and you lose a day returning to LAX.
Did I mention it was super hot, hot, sticky humid!!  I don't know if the weather is like that all Europe, but if we are planning on visiting Germany next year in July, may God help us tolerate the weather.

 This is from the ships view while we were getting ready to debark

 This is from the ships view

 This is from the gondola ride

 Rialto Bridge

 Beautiful view of the gondola ride

 Window display

 St. Mark Square

 Between buildings
A police man outside the bank with a gun

Thursday, August 15, 2013

6th day Dubrovnik, Croatia

I fell in love with this city!! So clean and beautiful, people are friendly and they all work.  In Sicily, people seem to be on an extended break I know that some places get an hour to an hour and a half, but we were there in the city for a least 5 hrs and people were just sitting around.
Dubrovnik (an independent state at the time) was the very first nation to formally recognize the United States as a nation when it declared independence from Great Britain.
Beautiful medieval city!  Dubrovnik's countryside and its surrounding villages.  I just loved this city so much its breath taking!!