Hi everyone! I wanted to post this on my blog to let beautiful women know that she forgets what she's worth. I am offering my nail art service to those in the area. I have to trust GOD to supply according to HIS riches.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Needle Technique

Hello dear readers/visitors!

For today's post I decided to use the Needle technique for making Tie Dye look, unfortunately it really doesn't look like a tie dye on my nails or does it?  I just have to keep practicing to get that perfect look.
These were done using four neon polishes from Color Club collection: no name since I bought them at Ross:(  And to top it off, I broke a nail on each hand; my thumb on the left hand and the pointer on my right.  I am still debating if I should cut them all down or let it be.  Trust me the pictures look weird!
That's all for this evening, thanks for stopping by; until next polish!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Absolute beauty

Good evening dear readers/visitors!!

I just want to give you an update on my insanity work out.  I am still doing the work out, I've only missed two days of workout due to an injury with my knee.  But I am back in the game, and still sweating each exercise, I must be insane otherwise it would not be called insanity.   I just started my fourth week of insanity and already I have lost inches, I didn't weight myself before I started the insanity workout, so I can't say I lost weight.  But I can say I am down a size from what I was and that is more important than seeing it on the scale.  Anyway on to NOTD... For this mani I use Nubar: Absolute, it a beautiful holographic blue.  Although you really can't see it on the picture it is beautiful in real life, and I added Mash stamp 46 on my ring finger for that extra touch.  Hope you enjoy this post,  thanks for stopping by until next polish!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June's Copy Cat mani

Good afternoon dear readers/visitors!!

I began my copy cat mani with a base of Essie beam up instant nail whitener followed by two coats of Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue and sponged the tips with SH: In the Navy.  Since I don't have Zoya Yummy and Indigo I had to improvise with a similar color or close enough color.  For the shimmer on the tips I used Finger Paints: Floating on a Cloud.
Once that dried, I used special polish in white with Red Angel image plate RA105 to stamp on the design.  After waiting for a little bit, I apply top coat and I notice it smudged a little.

I fell in love with this design when I came across LuvMyLacquer blog.  If you haven't visit her blog you need to check it out, she has "beautiful designs" and she is a "Sweet Heart"!  If you have any questions she replies through facebook and her blog.  How great is that!  Thanks for stopping by, until next polish!!

This is her design...

And this is my copy cat...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Polka dots

Good evening dear readers/visitors!!

This evening theme is polka dots.  I like the way it looks on the picture, but when I look at it, it seems messy.  Maybe because my nails are not full of dots?  I have seen other pictures and they look great or is it just me?  I have so many stamping to do, but it can get boring if you keep doing the same thing this is why I decided to do random polka dots.  Thanks for stopping by, until next polish!

Items used
Nubar: Lemon Sherbert base color 
China Glaze: Liqued Leather
Sinful Colors: Slate
Milani: White
Seche Vite

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Audrey on brown swirls

Good evening dear readers/visitors!

Today's theme is half moons.  I love the way it turned out, I've only done one other half moon besides this one and actually I love the design.  It is simple but elegant.  I've seen others with stamping and rhinestones or studs, even dots and glitter.  But I chose to keep it simple.  Thanks for stopping by, until next polish!!

Items used
China Glaze: For Audrey
Revlon: Espresso
Ip: RA110
Seche Vite

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer designs

Good afternoon dear Reader!!
Sorry for being MIA for a few days,  I have been working out with insanity and I got injured on my left knee.  I believe its a pinch nerve, so I had to stop working out for a few days.  I was able to do marbling and a few stamping designs.  Which design is your favorite?  Thanks for stopping by, until next polish!
Wishing all you fathers out there a "Happy Fathers Day".

Items used
Color Club: Neon Pink and Blue
NYC: Lexington Yellow

Items used
Essie: Waltz for base color
Sally Hansen: Resilent Red
China Glaze: Liquid Leather
Milani: White

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waves on Gradient

Good evening dear Readers!

I been so tired after my workout in the evenings that I have not had time to polish my nails.  This insanity workout is kicking my butt.  I finally was able to create a mani for you on Tuesday.  My workout was easier and not so strenuous.  I started out with a soft yellow as my base and did a gradient look for the tips, but I wanted to add that little extra touch by using my stamps. I really like the subtle look of this mani.  Do you like it?  This is all for tonight until next post,  thanks for stopping by!
Items used
Sinful Colors: Unicorn
Mirage: French Touch
IP: RA106

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Glamorous Purple

Good morning dear Readers!

Well I am still pushing through my Insanity workout.  Today will be day 6, it is still hard, but it gets better each day.  I want to be able to be fit or slimmer for my birthday in November, yes I know its way out, but I want to give myself enough time to work out and not give up.  Anyway,  I have a gorgeous purple mani for you today.  I've done a couple of stamp mani's but I really wanted to show you something else.  I really love the way this mani turned out.  What do you think?  Thanks for stopping by, until next post!

Items used
Milani: Purple Passion
OPI:  DS Coronation
Wild n Wet: Party of Five Glitters

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Insanity Workout

Good morning dear Readers!

I started the Insanity Workout on Monday, and let me tell you it is hard!  I've been so tired that I have not polished my nails, and I always find time to polish.  Working a full time job, coming home to fix dinner and then workout is a big job in itself.  So after my workout I am so exhausted!  All I want to do is take a cold shower, relax and go to bed.  Normally, I would do my nails, play bubble shooter (which is addicting) or play COD with my husband and end up going to bed at 11:00pm or later.  But after Insanity workout, I just want to take a shower and go to bed, can you believe this is around 9:30 pm.  Anyway, I decided to post in the morning.  So lets continue with NOTD....I got around to do one nail stamp design.  I will try to do more stamping with my Mash and Cheeky image plate.  Thanks for stopping by, until next polish!

Items used

Essie: Woltz for base color
Nubar: Absolute on tips
Special black
Mash ip: 40

Monday, June 4, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Good evening dear Readers!

So my husband and I went to watch" Snow White and the Huntsman".  I liked it, but it seemed like it dragged a little.  I don't think they chose the right person for Snow White.  Kristen Stewart is not girly for that role,  she is more of a Tomboy.  I really like Charlize Theron's part, she played it very good and so did Chris Hemsworth.  That handsome devil,  don't tell my husband I said that lol.  Anyway,  last week we saw "Dark Shadows" to me it's a replica of "Devil becomes her" with Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep but in a newer version. Have any of my visitors seen either movie?  What did you think of either one?  Leave a comment.  Ok, lets continue with NOTD:  I said in a previous post that I got my Mash and Cheeky plates last week so I did a mani with Cheeky plate.  What do you think of the mani?  I really like the colors of the DS collection by OPI, do you have any from this collection?  Well this is all for tonight thanks for stopping by, until next polish!!

items used

OPI: DS Sapphire
China Glaze: Electric Beat
Special Black
Cheeky ip: 24
I sponged Electric Beat on the tips

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mash nail plates

Good morning my dear readers!

I received my first and new Mash nail collections on Thursday, and I can't wait to start stamping.  But since I have other mani's that I have done I will be posting those for now.  I also received the Cheeky nail plates on Wednesday and will be doing a lot of stamping so stay tuned for lots of stamped nails.  Enjoy your weekend thanks for stopping by until next polish!  Ooooh by the way I am going to go watch "Snow White and the Huntsman" Yay!!!

Items used

China Glaze Electropop Collection
Dance baby as base color
Electric beat for the blue dots
Sinful Colors: Amethyst purple dots

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cloud Accent

Good evening dear readers!

Happy Friday!  For this evening I have a cloud accent mani,  I been wanting to do a cloud mani for a long time, but I was not able to achieve the look and I would stop on my first nail.  Finally I decided to do it regardless of the outcome.  So I am proud to say that I was able to accomplish it on the first try.  And I love the color combination that I've chosen.  What do you think?  Thanks for stopping by, until next polish!

Items used
Base color:  Essence Wake up
Essence: Lime up, Break through
Seche Vite